"The best stories strike a balance between the familiar and the threatening; like leaving on an adventure into the unknown but with a trusted friend by your side."

---Cameron Porter

Everyone who reads fantasy does so for their own reasons -- some want to escape from the difficulties of life, some enjoy the practical elements like survivalism and medieval warfare, and some simply want to believe for a little while that magic is real, miracles really do happen, and perhaps there is a higher purpose to it all.

I try to write so that those looking for an escape re-emerge stronger than they were before, that those who enjoy the practical elements learn something new, and that those who want a reason to believe in the fantastical will notice more of it in their own lives.

To be banished along with your youngest son is not a pleasant prospect…but to be murdered by your own family is surely worse. 

Timot Kimorae has spent the last ten years knowing his son, Ezren, is an outsider in the royal family of Ambarta.

Because he was born with no exceptional powers or abilities, Ezren is a threat to the family’s perception of divine authority…

…and Lady Kimorae can accept no threats to her ascension.

Only Lord Timot Kimorae has kept Ezren alive and safe this long.

But now that it is Ezren’s 10th birthday, his lack of powers is undeniable. 

Now, Lady Kimorae must decide: Should she banish her weakest son to protect the legacy of the family?

Or should she remove the threat of his presence for good?

Can Timot find a way to keep them both alive?

If there ever were a time for Timot and Ezren to fight, it is now… 

For their lives may just depend on it.

The Trail of Swords is a spirited tale of thrilling adventure and bravery.

Can Timot and Ezren survive the path they must walk? All they want is a place to call home, but can they find it?


Cameron C. Porter

Cameron completed his first book at the age of 11. It was terrible, but he was (and is still) pretty proud of it. Throughout adolescence, Cameron often found time for storytelling through various media, and his entrepreneurial career has always centered around storytelling.

His company, Robin Hood Studios, has focused on helping micro businesses tell their stories effectively for the last 10 years.

Cameron has written and produced a full season of a web series ("Repeat"), a feature film ("Paradox"), a number of short films, and 40 episodes of a TV show ("The County Seat"). In addition to working on more books about Ezren and Timot, he is also writing another web series for a cryptocurrency company ("Paper Hands").

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